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Protecting Malawi's Flora & Fauna


Along with offering a premier tourism destination for viewing Malawi's flora and fauna, we are dedicated to breeding healthy populations of different species of wildlife, which we are determined to protect. Translocations of these animals to other parks and reserves ensures the preservation of these species. 

A team of scouts are in charge of patrolling Kuti Wildlife Reserve 24 hours a day to protect our flora and fauna. Every day, we strive to preserve and protect all within Kuti. 

  • Kuti Wildlife Reserve is supported by the services of Wildlife Emergency Response Unit (WERU), led by Dr Amanda Salb as a division of Lilongwe Wildlife Trust (LWT), in maintaining the welfare of wildlife within the reserve.

  • In addition to WERU, wildlife veterinarian Dr Hezy Anholt conducts wildlife health and population surveys with Kuti Wildlife Reserve as part of our ongoing monitoring efforts.

  • Conservation Research Africa (CRA) conducts research at Kuti Wildlife Reserve on carnivores and bats to inform conservation management in Malawi.

  • In partnership with Loop Abroad, Kuti Wildlife Reserve delivers an online wildlife research fellowship to university students as part of the wildlife conservation and research conducted in the reserve by veterinarians Dr Hezy Anholt and Dr Love Kaona.



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