Activities in the Bush


Kuti Wildlife Reserve offers an experience of a lifetime for your visit in the bush. With no dangerous predators, we give you the opportunity to really explore what the bush has to offer. Take a bike ride or go for a walk! Our trained guides can assist you in the bush and allow for you to immerse yourself completely. 

Hike & Bike


If hiking and biking does not suit the experience you want to have with us, do not worry! Rather, you can take a drive around the reserve with your vehicle and can even hire a guide to show you around.

Self-Drive Safari



Whether you are an experienced or beginner birder, we offer you a place to see it all. From the common African Pied Wagtail to the Burnt-necked Eromomela, we have a lot! Kuti has recorded over 250 species of birds. 




Kuti loves bringing groups of people together for fun events like the annual mud run, game count, and birding walks . While COVID-19 precautions have meant that some events have been postponed, we look forward to hosting these events when it is safe to do so. 




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