Kuti is dedicated to preserving the environment and positively impacting the surrounding communities. Here are some of our ongoing projects.

Zebra | Kuti Wildlife Reserve
Chalet Kuti Wildlife Reserve



Kuti is currently working on a number of methods to preserve and document biodiversity. Our most important contribution is protecting and managing 2000 hectares of natural African bush.

By spending time at our reserve, people grow to appreciate and therefore, protect nature. Guests can engage in activities such as hiking and bird watching, with minimal environmental impact

One Health | Kuti Wildlife Reserve


One Health recognizes that the health of animals, people, and the environment is connected. This program investigates wildlife-livestock-human interactions within and around conservation areas. 

One Health | Kuti Wildlife Reserve


Involving local communities with conservation projects is essential for the well being of people and wildlife. We hope to empower local Malawian communities by providing them with various resources. | +265 99 346 4814
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