Kuti Wildlife Reserve is located in central Malawi. This nation is known as ‘The Warm Heart of Africa’, both for its stunning beauty and friendly people. Kuti is home to a variety of animals native to this area. Although no dangerous predators live here, there are plenty of animals such as zebra, eland, monkeys, giraffe and a great variation of birds. The absence of dangerous game makes the park accessible on foot or by bicycle, which gives you a unique and up-close experience with the bush.

Besides sharing the beauty of nature, Kuti Wildlife Reserve is important for the local communities. We raise awareness about ecology and support community projects. By changing local perceptions of wildlife, we hope to preserve wildlife for future generations.

Visit Kuti and experience the unique tranquillity of the African bush!

Zebra | Kuti Wildlife Reserve
Butterfly | Kuti Wildlife Reserve
Sable Antelope | Kuti Wildlife Reserve
Bushbuck | Kuti Wildlife Reserve
Vervet Monkey | Kuti Wildlife Reserve
Green Wood-Hoopoe | Kuti Wildlife Reserve
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